3DEXPERIENCE Data Validation, Reports, and Analytics Tool

Running Complex reports against the 3DEXPERIENCE (ENOVIA) can be complex and difficult to develop. Current Dassault Systèmes solutions can be expensive to purchase and implement. It is not easy to analyze the data in an SQL level due to the complex level of the database structure in 3DEXPERIENCE. Solution A generic tool to extract complex […]

3DEXPERIENCE Data Migration Tools

Loading data in 3DEXPERIENCE can be complex and prone to errors especially when dealing with its complex data model. Some of the 3DEXPERIENCE out-of-the-box tools like EDAT and XPDM can be slow, expensive and do not handle all the migration scenarios required by customers. Solution: xLM Solutions has developed its own tool set to load […]

EPDM Inventor to PDF Task Tool

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